Inculcate Good Manners In Your Child


We always cherish our children to be well mannered. Whenever we come across a mannered kid, automatically appreciation for his parents follows to have inculcated those good habits in him. Teaching your kid about good manners can’t be done in one or two days. Rather, it’s a learning process, which continues till the end. That’s the reason; people say that it’s never too early or too late to teach your children about manners. If you have kids at home then read the following tips, which can make you proud and your children as a role model for others too.

Before going to teach your children about manners, be careful about your behavior, language and other actions towards people around you. Kids follow their parents: the way they speak and behave with others. So if you expect your kid to use ‘thank you’, ‘please’ while talking to others then first you have to use them while conversing with others.

Acknowledge your child’s politeness as it would encourage her/him to keep up those habits in future as well. Sometimes, it happens that we just take our own kid for granted and forget to thank her or to say sorry in day to day life. But, don’t do it. It will not help your kid to grow as a well mannered child.

There are many instances, where we see parents ignore bad behavior of their kids saying that it will be fine once they grow up. However, this is not the case. Rather, by saying this, parents encourage kids to behave in the same manner in future. So, whenever your kid is behaving badly, you take note of that. Don’t scold him then and there in front of everyone.  Rather, explain him the entire thing in private space and tell him about the expected behavior.

Most of us find cute to listen to a kid answering phone calls. However, we should not allow them to answer calls until they understand the phone etiquettes. Before they start taking calls, parents have to put a list near the phone, giving instructions to him about what to say over phone.