Improve Your Swim with These Tips


It is a well known fact that the height helps in gaining speed in water. You can also understand the fact by the example of Michael Philips. He is the person who is having a height of 6’4” and because of this height he swims in the water like a speedboat. It is also because of his regular practice of swimming that he can swim 45 miles in a week. Everybody cannot be the perfect swimmer like Michael Philips.

However, people can improve their swimming by several tips which are provided by the experts. You can also improve your swim with these tips:-

It is again a well known fact that the water is a denser medium. Thus, in order to swim your body the important factor is that you should slide in water from the smallest hole. You should rotate your body according to the central axis. In addition to that you should stretch your arms with each stroke as far-forward you can.  You should also keep the muscles of lower back as well as the abs very tight during swimming. It is very important because it helps in getting the more force from the legs and arms.

Secondly, you should try to grip the water by your hands and forearms. It is very important that you keep your body in the right angle with water and along with that you should also keeps your hands flat, broad and stiff. It is also advised that you should try to pull your body forward.

It is important for you that you should have the heavy rotations in order to improve your swimming. It is advised the experts that you should keep low side of your body down at the bottom in the water whereas the other high side of body should be raised.

By following the above points you should also keep your head down. However, free stylers keep their head high and keep rest of the body drop into water. Rather if you keep your head down it helps to reduce the twist of your neck as well as it also helps to keep the torso high and back low.

You should always try to drag your feet. Experts also say that if you know how to kick a ball then you also know to swim.  You should also try to keep your feet flexible. It is so because if your feet are flexible then they are very helpful in swimming as they work alike to fins.