Improve vision through eye exercises


By watching lots of television, playing multimedia games, computer games, studying for long hours and having more junk food (lack in nutrition), children are suffering from eye problems and their power of vision is also reducing. Exposing eyes to sharp sun rays that consists of ultra violet rays is also one of the factor causing eyes problems.

Eye problems like amblyopia (Lazy Eye), mucular degeneration, blepharitis, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, conjunctivitis (Pink Eye), and color blindness, myopia (Nearsightedness), keratinous and eye fatigue (simply) are common. Therefore, doctors as well as eye specialists advice eye exercises for fast relief from eye stress. Through these exercises, some conditions like exotroia (the eye turns out) or esotropia (the eye turns in) can also be treated for good results.

Some of the best eye exercises are explained here and the material you require for practicing these exercises is a pencil. Remember that if you are wearing contact lens, then you must remove them before any of the exercise in order to prevent your eyeball from suction, become dislodged or folded.

Some eye exercises:

Firstly, Sit on a chair and take a comfortable position for relaxing your body as well as eyes. Afterwards, start rubbing your hands briskly together to make them warmer. Then, slightly cup your palms as well as close your eyes and cover them smoothly with those warmed hands. Remember to avoid exerting pressure on your eyeball or even cover your nose with you hands. Be easy and relax during the whole process and practice deep breathing as well. Repeat the whole process for 10-15 minutes.

Now, squeeze and shut your eyes for 5-minutes only, then slowly-slowly open your eyes to widen it for quite a few seconds. Repeat this procedure for around 9-10 times and then by using your finger tip gently give massage to your eyes for 1-minute. During message, movements should be done in circular way without applying pressure on the eyes. In order to perform next step, smoothly squash three fingers adjacent to the upper eyelid of each of your eye, then hold for a moment and release your fingers. Repeat this procedure for 5-6 times.

Another easy exercise is to move your eyeball in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. You can also use a pencil for eye exercise; the process of practicing exercise by using pencil is as follows: Firstly hold a pencil in your hands at arm’s length. Keep it in front of you and compress your arm towards your nose. Keep focus of your eye on that pencil as long as you can. This is very easy exercise to practice at any time.

Besides, above exercises healthy diet is also required. Food products, fruits, vegetables containing vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E are really beneficial for your eye and vision.

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