Improper performance of Thyroid Gland can lead to infertility

thyroidinferlity Thyroid Gland is such an important gland in the human body that any improper performance by it could lead to many diseases or it can affect the functioning of many other glands. Among other ailments, it can also cause infertility. In such a case, it is advisable that the women follow the following procedure:

TSH test:

TSH is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland. This gland instructs the Thyroid Gland about the quantum of T3 and T4 hormones that should be produced. The level of TSH indicates the health of the Thyroid Gland.

Test for Thyroid Antibodies:

Presence of Thyroid Antibodies would affect the autoimmune system of the Thyroid Gland. This test should be got done when the TSH level is either lower or higher than normal. Presence of antibodies would adversely affect the fertility of the women.

Immunological complications:

Presence of antiphospholipid or APA which is an antibody is known to cause infertility amongst women. Similarly, presence of antithyroid antibodies or ATAs would also cause infertility.

Research has shown that these antibodies (APA or ATA) would surface in women who take ‘heaprin’ or ‘aspirin’ which are anti blood clotting agents. Sometimes, production of ATA in the body could be hereditary. Whether they take ‘heparin’ or ‘aspirin’, they produce the antibodies ATA which affect the functioning of the Thyroid Gland, thus causing infertility.

What to do in case women are suffering from infertility?

Normally, women would undergo many tests to understand the cause for their infertility. In an interaction session, the women would do well to request the Gynecologist to refer them for a thyroid test or TSH analysis of pituitary gland.

At the same time the women must ensure that the report of the Thyroid Tests should indicate the TSH level, thyroid levels, free thyroxine and thyroid antibodies levels.

This is because many pathological laboratories just mention the above levels as ‘normal’. That will not suffice. Be cautious to ask the pathologist to indicate the numerical level of the above tests. Women should also check if she is ovulating and she must also get the general health of the cervix, etc. checked by an expert gynecologist.

With proper treatment, the problems connected with thyroid gland can be cured and the woman can conceive.