Important And Effective Tips For Socializing Your Only Child

How To Socialize An Only Child

Parenting only child can be a little difficult especially when it comes to help the kid with socializing skills. Only children often suffer from some social behavioral problems mainly because they do not get the scope to mingle and interact with siblings.

They lack the skills of normal interaction which other children learn by interacting with own siblings without any effort. Only children tend to have problems when they need to share and cooperate with others in school or community. It is the parent’s responsibility to help them to overcome these behavioral problems and teach them the skills of socialization.

An only child often gets wrongfully accused of being pampered, unsocial or spoiled. This is only a misconception. Only children can also do equally well in social interacting skills with a little help from their parents. It is fact that you cannot give your only child the facilities that children with siblings get at home.

But you can surely help him or her to learn the skills how to associate with other children. And you need to start this from the very beginning. As a small child, he or she may face problems interacting with peers while easily mingles with younger children and adults.

Tips For Parents To Socialize An Only Child

As a parent it is your test of patience too. You should never shout at the kid or blame the child for his or her behavior. Only children tend to be introvert. It is not their fault. It is their environment which is responsible for their behavior and attitude. Here are some strategies which may help you to teach your only child the skills of interacting normally and successfully with peers and other members of the society.

Try to incorporate the sharing attitude from the very beginning. Spend enough quality time with your child. You can play with toys or blocks to teach him or her how to share with others. Strictly implement the rules of sharing.
Sometimes parents tend to pamper only children by giving them the largest and best portion of everything. Do not do this. Teach them to share equally with others. Otherwise they will always expect to be privileged. It may hamper their social skills even in future too.

As the kid does not have siblings at home he needs to interact with other children of the same age group. Visit those relatives frequently who have children of same age or invite them to your house. Encourage your child to play and associate with other kids of the neighbourhood. You may also arrange small children’s party from time to time. It will give them the chance to mix and interact with each other. Invite parents too and you will get the opportunity to know the parents of your kid’s friends.

Let them spend time with grandparents. It will strengthen their family bond and teach them the value of family. In today’s nuclear families children feel lonely and separated. The situation is even worse if the kid is the only child. Parents generally always get busy with their hectic schedule and do not have enough time for the kid. These kids tend to develop interacting problems. Undoubtedly, parents cannot leave their jobs but they can at least try to spend quality time with kids. Frequent visit to the grandparents’ home or to the homes of other relatives can make the situation a little better.

A very common problem with only children is that they sometimes try to seek attention. As there is no other sibling at home, the only child is always the centre of attraction of the whole family. As a result, the kid develops a mentality to give most importance to his or her own needs. It will make the kid to face a lot of problems while interacting with others in school or in society. Parents should try to teach the child to be compassionate with others and give values to other people’s emotions.

Generally an only child finds it difficult to make friends. If the kid is in the age group of 3-5, then you may search for a play school for the kid. In the play school the child will be able to spend some time with kids of his or her age. Playgroups are easily available for them as well as for toddlers and infants.You may encourage the kid to join performing arts.

For instance, the child may join a music, dance or drama school. Or the kid may learn to play an instrument. It will help the child to acquire the skill of performing in a group. He or she will also get the scope to coordinate and interact with other students. It is a good way of having fun with peers with same interests. Moreover, they will enjoy the whole thing and it will boost their confidence too.

Another great idea is joining team sport. Make the kid a member of local football or cricket club. Outdoor sports are good for physical activity and fresh air. In addition to that team sports are great ways to teach children how to cooperate and coordinate with other players. This will help a lot in boosting their confidence level. Again, it will mould their behavior in outer world too. The parents will also get the opportunity to meet other children’s parents.

You may talk to your kid’s teacher. The teacher can tell you about your child’s behavior in school. He will tell you if the kid is having difficulties in interacting with other children or whether the kid is showing disruptive behavior. As kids spend most of the time at school their teacher is the right person who can help you to know better your child.

You can also seek help from the school counselor.For instance, if the kid is creating problems in class rooms with abusive behavior or withdraws himself from peers the counselor can talk to the kid and give the kid right advice. As a parent of the only child you will always face numerous unique challenges. But it has its own benefits and joys. Never lose patience and try to enjoy the journey of parenthood.