Importance Of Manicure And Pedicure

Importance Of Manicure And Pedicure

Appearance forms the first impression and most of you will agree with this. We meet several people throughout the day and we are judged by the way we dress, groom and maintain ourselves.

We hand shake when we meet people and clean and groomed nails and palms form the first impression. Also, our feet should be well maintained and nails nicely trimmed for others around us not to feel disturbed by our presence. Manicure and pedicure gives one decent, neat and clean hands and feet. Dirt, pollution and bad habits make our hands and feet dirty but cleaning them is mandatory at regular intervals.

clean and groomed nails

For men and women, boys and girls manicure and pedicure is equally important. Men and boys should remember that manicure and pedicure is not gay! You get equally dirty as women, hence its importance is equal too.

Importance of Manicure and Pedicure


You use your hands so much throughout the day. When you talk you express through your hands, you shake hands when you meet people and you use your hands while you eat. Hence, it is necessary that you maintain and take good care of your hands and nails.

It protects your fingernails and your nails become stronger as you perform manicure regularly. It is recommended that one get a manicure at a spa or a salon so that you nails get the professional care and treatment. Moreover, it maintains already soft and clean hands and nails.

manicure at a spa

Benefits of Manicure

- Helps remove sun burns and tan on hands
- Clean and maintains healthy and beautiful looking nails
- Hydrates skin of the hands
- Exfoliates dead skin
- Gives your nails shape
- Relieves stress through massage and relieves one from aches and pains
- Improves blood circulation and skin health
- Soft, delicate and clean hands and nails seem very approachable and makes a great impression at work


Your feet are the part of your body that take most stress. Your feet become tired and attract dirt throughout the day.

They need pampering and massage for one to feel relax and calm and soothe senses. Even pedicure is recommended to be got one done at a spa or a salon for professional treatment and hygiene.


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Benefits of Pedicure

- Helps remove sun burns and tan and moisturises the feet
- Clean and maintains healthy and beautiful looking nails
- Prevents nail and foot diseases and disorders
- Relieves stress through massage and relieves one from aches and pains
- Reduces foot pain
- Massaging the heels provides much relief for women who walk in heels all the time
- Pretty toes are attractive and a great impression at work

Health benefits of manicure and pedicure are enormous especially when you seek a professional treatment. The kinds of manicure include normal, herbal, French and American manicures and the kinds of pedicure include a normal, herbal, stone and fish and many more.

manicure and pedicureThe kinds of manicure and pedicure treatments available at spas and salons are wide and every treatment offers unique and individual benefits, hygiene and healthy and shapy nails being the basic ones. Moreover, it is a sign of the kind of importance you give to personal hygiene and grooming.