If you overeat, you are stressed- Researches


WASHINGTON: The connection between diet, psychological stress and social and ecological factors is compound. Researchers at Emory University hunted to resolve whether individuals uncovered to stress eat too much calorie rich foods.

They premeditated the feeding habits of female rhesus macaques that are organized by a dominance hierarchy that uphold group stability through repeated harassment and threat of aggression.

“Such an arrangement is a constant psychological stress to subordinates”, said Mark Wilson, the team leader of the research.

During the research, female macaques were given right to a sweet but low fat diet and a high fat diet for 3 weeks days each. For a 21 day period between each test diet, the group was provided normal monkey chow.

To follow feeding patterns, mechanical feeders give out a bit of also the low fat or high fat chow when make active by a microchip implanted in each female’s wrist.

Studies found socially assistant females consumed considerably more of both the low fat diet and the high fat diet all through the period of 24 hours, while communally dominant females ate considerably less than subordinate animals and limited their feedings to daytime hours.

“As this study shows, they prefer the high-fat diet and, as a result of the stress of being a subordinate, they have higher levels of the hormone cortisol.

“This may be involved in the redistribution of fat to visceral locations in the body, something that is clinically associated with type II diabetes metabolic syndrome.”

The conclusion of the research was published in the online edition of the journal Physiology and Behavior.


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