Identification of skin allergies


When a person senses hypersensitivity against some kind of substances, then it is called an Allergy or allergic reaction. These reactions or sensitivity can be categorized into three sub types on the basis of their place of origination. They can be present in breathing system like asthma, rhinitis, etc, allergies of intestine like diarrhea and Skin allergies like dermatitis.

Skin allergies are common and are generally confused with common irritations of skin like insect bites. In order to consider the symptoms of skin allergies, you can go through your personal experience.

Think for a while, do you ever have the irritated skin that is covered with patches on some parts of your body or may be all over your body. This is the symptom of contact allergy. If the patches appear all over the body, then it can also be an indication of food allergy.

Next point to consider is: Are you having something unusual in your food, or the one that you never have before? Or have you recently started new medicines as prescribed by your physician? Or you suddenly changed your washing detergent, cream or soap that you are using from long time.

By answering the above questions as well as by analyzing them, you can easily find out why you are suffering from skin allergy. If the allergy is mild, then by using combination of corticosteroid and antihistamine ointment or cream, you can get relief quickly.

You can use some natural herbs for the treatment of your skin allergy. Among several natural herbs, aloe is one that is a kind of cactus. It is a common houseplant that you can easily find in your neighborhood. Just by rubbing its juice over the infected area of skin liberally, you can stop the pain and itching with relief from the redness immediately.

There are many other packed herbal remedies that are also helpful in curing the skin allergy problems.

However, the skin allergies are not so serious that someone should be worried about; rather it can be relieved easily by having some drugs and applying ointments or creams. In order, to get fast relief from your skin allergy, you should consult your physician rather than preferring your local medical store.

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