It is a sad fact of life that we all sweat. The good thing is that sweat cools down our bodies when we get too hot. You wouldn’t want to overheat. You have over 2 million sweat glands that make this happen.

But what if you sweat too much? Do your hands, face and feet seem to always have the faucet running? You could have a condition called Hyperhidrosis. There are two different forms of this condition. The first is primary focal hyperhidrosis. It is inherited and is usually in one place on the body. The other, generalized or secondary hyperhidrosis means that the whole body is affected by sweating. It is common when you have a metabolic disorder or even menopause.

This can be a great distress to some and will interrupt their daily lives. Imagine how embarrassed you would be if you were standing next to someone and could not stop sweating without even moving? That could be a real problem at a company function or family get together.

There are treatments that your doctor can prescribe for you. One of them is to get Botox shots. This acts as a blocking agent to lessen the sweating. It is used to treat the palms, feet and under your arms.

You can also use an effective antiperspirant to help keep it under control. It would have to contain aluminum chloride hexadydrate to be effective. The doctor can prescribe something to take by mouth but you have to watch out for side effects.

Another consideration is surgery. This should be a last decision if nothing else works. Surgery holds risks and complications. One last option that you have is TWI or also known as tap water iontophoresis. This method is used to treat the hands or feet. Your doctor will use ionized drugs and use them on top of your skin and a dc current.

Don’t fear if you find that you have inherited this. You can keep it under control and still live a normal life just as everyone else. Remember, we all sweat, just some more than others.

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