How to wet shave properly


Shaving has been a part of grooming for men since time memorial. Your grandfather may have used a sharp blade and soap, but now you have plenty of options when it comes to shaving equipments.

Wet shaving is the earliest and the simplest form of shaving. The first step is to wet and lubricate the face with warm water. In this way the skin will be softer. The warm water opens the pores on the skin and makes the facial hair soft — thus making the shaving process easier.

For wet shaving all you need are a good razor, shaving cream (not foam) and a good shaving brush.

First, wash your face with warm water. Dip the shaving brush in warm water you apply shaving cream on it. Now brush the cream over your face. The mixture of water and the cream will create a smooth rich lather.

After you have a thick lather on your face, start shaving. Remember; always shave in the direction that your facial hair is growing. For most men it is downwards. This usually prevents any sort of irritation on the skin after shaving. But just in case of you want a close shave then apply another cote of lather on the face, but this time shave upwards — that is against the grain of your facial hair.

When you are done shaving, wash your face once again, but this time with cold water. This will help the pores of the skin to close and at the same time it will wash off the lather on the skin. Use a soft towel and pat your skin dry. Do not rub or do not use a material that is not soft. And at last do not forget to apply after-shave or moisturizer. This will keep the skin soft.

One of the best things about wet shave is that there are much less shave burns or razor cuts. The use of warm water, shaving cream and a brush makes a thick lather that helps expose the maximum length of the facial hair to the razor.

If you want your wet shave to be perfect, make sure you take good care of your razor and the brush. Make sure you wash your razor with hot water regularly, and let your brush dry naturally and never store the shaving brush in a closed cupboard or mildew might form.