How To Wear Killer Heels Without Killing Your Feet


Every fashionista in love with her pencil heeled Manolo Blaniks, just like the girls in everyone’s favourite TV show – Sex and the City, has been sorely disappointed with the shoe trends of 2008.  While, other fashion-conscious women looking for some respite from the much loved and iconic high-heeled shoe have been disappointed as well, since towering wedges and super tall sandals have dominated foot fashion this year.  With Vogue trumpeting extreme wedges, gladiator boots and peep toes as the key trends, there is little chance of sloping around in one’s favourite ballet pumps this summer.

While, there is no woman on the planet, who has never muttered the words ‘my feet are killing me’ at the end of a night on the tiles wearing high heels, what can one do to be able to wear one’s dream high-heeled shoes, and yet avoid walking home bare feet?

Gloria Dunlop, lecturer in podiatry at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, says: “We are bombarded with images of celebrities strutting their stuff down the red carpet in heels that make them look like they have legs up to their armpits.  The fashion magazines are full of them.  It’s therefore little wonder that we nearly all fall into the trap of succumbing to the latest fashion trends.  We’ve all experienced the discomfort and burning sensation associated with wearing party shoes.  But despite the pain, we still persevere.”

Here are some excellent tips to keep dancing till dawn, without falling off your platform shoes and spraining an ankle?

Don’t repeat shoes; rather keep a selection that are different in shape and heel height.  As well, make sure there are some flats, including a pair of trainers in your wardrobe.  A daily shoe change is a must, as it helps prevent foot or leg problems from recurring.  This is mainly due to the fact that at times, we tend to cramp our toes into tight shoes, or constantly wear high heels that cause pain in our leg muscles.

It is also not kosher to wear sling backs all the time, as repeated wearing can cause a large hard bump to develop on the back of the heel.  Irreversible damage, it makes wearing closed shoes very difficult, once it develops.

If, you are going partying in your high heels, remember to place some padding on the balls of your   Invest in foot felts and foam from Scholl, which provides a wide range, including ball-of-foot cushions and pressure-point foam padding, available in most shoe stores, supermarkets and chemists.  These products stick to the feet and prevent them from sliding in your shoes; usually the main reason for blisters forming.  Now, is also a good time to shoes that rub against the skin, avoid such shoes to prevent an outbreak of blisters.  Always, break in brand new shoes before wearing them to an all night party, by wearing them around the house for short bursts.  Else, you will suffer like never before.

Sprains, strains and muscle soreness happen, but are more likely when wearing very high heels or walking on an uneven surface like cobbled streets.  Use ice to bring soothe a painful sprain or muscle pull, it also reduces the bruising, swelling and pain.

Next time you decide to party wearing high heels, pay heed to the above advice so that you don’t end up killing yourself or your feet wearing killer heels!