How to wax your legs


waxingleg There are a number of ways in which one can remove body hair, whether through shaving, waxing, threading or laser hair treatments.  Waxing is one of the safest and most preferred methods of hair removal among women. Although it is a little painful, it has no adverse side effects. Below are the steps involved in the removal of hair from the legs through waxing.

Select a wax: First you have to select the product that you want to use. There are different kind of waxes and sugar solutions available on the market.

Instruction manuals are provided with the products.  It is important that you carefully read the instructions, preferably more than once. Some waxes require that you heat them before using them. In such cases, be sure to follow the recommended heating time and methods.

Application of the wax
: After heating the wax check its temperature.  If it is too hot you might end up with heat burns. Before applying the wax, be sure that your legs are dry.

If waxing your legs for the first time, apply a thin layer of wax or sugar solution to a small area of the leg, following the direction of hair growth.

Removing the hair: After applying the wax to the area, press a strip of muslin to the leg. At the base of the strip, that side nearest to your foot, turn a small section back, turning it against the strip in such a way that it lies flat against the strip.

Raise the end of the strip as described in the instruction manual and pull the strip back towards you. Pulling the strip back is the correct method; do not pull the strip up.

This is when you might feel a little pain, and if you do, the pain should subside within a second or two.  Remember that it is not necessary for all the hairs to be pulled out at one time.  The procedure can be repeated if hairs remain in the area.  Repeat this process as often as necessary until your leg is completely free of hair.