How to use a condom?

There are several things that are considered very important for every human being. Among these things, sex is having an importance place. For proper survival the sex is considered to be very important. The importance of sex can be understood from the fact that it has been kept in the list of four extremely important things for survival; the other three things include food, water and sleep. In addition to its biological importance sex is also important for having pleasure and in the process of reproduction.

The importance of condoms:

While having sex the importance of condoms is inevitable; it not only control the process of reproduction according to the requirement of the couple but also helps in protection from sexually transmitted diseases. The importance of condoms is unique but unfortunately, most of the people do not know how to put on a condom and put it in a wrong way which hinders the benefits provided by it. Sometimes condom gets torn off and even slip off while having sexual intercourse which can results in lethal outputs.

Hence, it is very important to know how to put on a condom and this article deals with the same thing and helps you to get brief but precise information about the application of a condom.

The whole procedure:

Before taking out the condom it is important to tear its outer foil. You can tear it out with the help of scissor or even with teeth. However while tearing it is very important to take care that it should not destroy the condom. It is even better if you tear it with your hands then there are less chances of destruction of the condom. After that, put the condom on your penis when it gets erect. While wearing a condom it is important to ensure that there should not be any air trapped between the surface of penis and the condom because it can lead to the damage of condom afterwards. To ensure no presence of air, one should squeeze the tip of condom and wear it in a gentle manner.

Things to confirm:

Before having a sexual intercourse and wearing a condom, it is essential to check the condom. Sometimes a condom which is not of proper quality slips off during sexual intercourse without the knowledge of the person who wears it. After using a condom one should dispose it immediately without using it twice. A hygienic environment is very essential and one should dispose the condom after wrapping it in a tissue foil.

Thus, it is very crucial to understand that how to put on a condom because it is highly beneficial for you and your partner.