How To Understand The Signs Of Flirting

how to know if he is flirting with you

how to know if he is flirting with you You like somebody and you are not sure whether he likes you or not, well, this is a very common feeling and at one or the other point of time, we all have gone through it.

It gives you a sinking feeling that the person whom you like may not like you in the same manner. How to understand that the guy you are interested in is also interested in you. Whenever we like or have special feelings for somebody our body language changes and we act in a distinctive manner and talk differently.

Of course, these are the signs which help us to know that he is flirting with you. Flirting is healthy till the time it is done in a dignified manner but it should not cross the lines of decency. We shall discuss about various factors which can help you understand various signs of flirting.

Whenever a guy wants to flirt with you, he would probably initiate it by teasing you. You would think it to be a negative trait but in reality he wants to involve you with him. His main aim is to get noticed and get your attention and by teasing you or bothering you he is trying to do that. If a guy is trying to seek your attention then probably he is trying to flirt with you.

Looking at you time and again and making eye contacts. This is the most evident aspect of flirting, when a guy looks into your eyes. He is trying to depict his feelings, without being vocal or explicit about it. Get the clue; he is probably trying to get your special attention.

If the guy is making constant efforts to grab your attention, such as making loud noises and laughing loudly, this means that he wants you to register him in the gathering. He can also try out to become the centre of attraction of the gathering by cracking jokes. His aim is to get you involved and laugh with him. Even if once you do so, his aim is achieved. Try and register this in your mind, that whenever a guy tries to be funny, he is flirting with you.

He would be very conscious of his looks and looking into the mirror or adjusting his hair style are signs of it. This shows that he is interested in you and wants to look good and presentable. Boys are not very considerate about their looks and such an act when he is so bothered about his looks that he wants to attract your attention.

These are few signs that can help you understand that if a guy is trying to flirt with you. It is often seen that when people like somebody they behave differently. These are basic signs of flirting but as we know all individuals are different and can behave and act differently. But you would still find one or more such symptoms in that person, which would help you to assess that whether that guy is flirting with you or not.

Shaini N