How To Treat Sunburn

Natural Woman

Sunburn should be treated before it happens, when it might and after it does happen. This may be in winter or in summer, on land or on water, wherever direct sun or highly reflected light may reach and therefore threaten bare skin. Millions of people have experience sunburn at varying degrees at least once in their lives.

Of course it is better to be prepared and prevent getting sunburn but when it happens these symptoms from sunburn may be unpleasant and uncomfortable. If the sunburn level is very severe then it might become a medical emergency. You should learn different ways to help treat the symptoms form sunburn. Sunburn should be treated for the healing of current sunburn pain, skin damage and potential skin cancer as well as to prevent further sunburn. Here are the several ways we may do this.

One of the famous recipes in order to learn how to treat sunburn is using apricot. Peel and mash 3-4 apricots and then apply the mix on your face and leave on for 15 minutes. Wash off with lukewarm water. Once the skin is red and irritated, you may be sure that the skin has suffered damage. There are no ways to cure sunburn, but you may apply some remedies as a sunburn relief or prevention of one. Take a long shower adjusting the water to almost cool temperature. Once you are done taking a shower, gently tap it to absorb the water, do not rub it as this will increase the irritation.

If you want to go for modern therapy, you can take anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin. These stop inflammation and reduce the amount of redness and pain. It is important to take them early as they may help block the release of interleukins, the skin’s main sunburn cytokine. Avoid numbing sprays such as benzocaine. Although they may feel great when applied, they are notorious for causing allergic contact dermatitis. If you think sunburn is bad, try adding an incredibly itchy, allergic contact dermatitis on top of sunburn.

Precaution is always better than cure and hence, to save yourself from the sunburn, you should go for wearing loose fitting cotton clothing that will not irritate the affected areas. Other materials, particularly manmade ones like polyester, may rub harshly against the skin and make a burn feel much worse. If it is summer vacation and you are able to stay at home, do so, and wear as little clothing as possible to keep it from hurting your skin. Try putting a soft cotton blanket over the couch or bed to keep your skin from rubbing against upholstery.