How to treat pimples


pimplestreat Next to dandruff, pimples are perhaps the most common trouble. These are infamously difficult to treat. Generally appearing more often on teens, and continue to remain relentless with them.

In case these appear in your teens, you have to be very lucky to get rid of them soon. These are known to take unusually long time to disappear; at times may be a year.

Generally dirt is believed to be the cause, though these are caused by dead skin cells. Generally superfluous dead cells are naturally rejected by the body system.

But at times, for some unidentified reason these get built up on the surface of the skin, leading to a blockage of pores.

Blockage of pores causes the sebaceous glands beneath the skin to keep producing sebum continually.

The sebum on finding no outlet continues to build up below the pore till it appears in the form of a pimple. It is often accompanied with a redness of the inflamed skin.

Ironically, a pimple would appear at the most inopportune moment, when you least wished to have it. But, once it appears, there is not much that you can really do to get rid of it spontaneously.

Be careful not to squeeze it with your hand or any other device, for, doing so will only help the distribution of bacteria to unaffected parts and will cause a multiplication of pimples.

This could also lead to having secondary infection and formation of scars.

To put a stop to formation of pimples, is really simple, but takes a long time. For a successful handling, application of a cream with either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide is needed.

Such creams are available under different brands and are amongst the over the counter medicines. Choose one ensuring that it has all the said constituents.

Such creams retard the formation of bacteria and enable skin to get rid of dead cells. As already mentioned the treatment may take longer than expectations, but you should be consistent in applying the cream.

Additionally you should wash your face a few times during the day with a mild facial scrub that would be desirable for disposing off dead skin.