How to tone your body


Carrying slim and trim figure is not enough. Your body doesn’t have that killer and stunning toned shape. There is no loose muscle that swings along when you walk or move the body. You are more active when you do exercises. Your mind is fresh and free from all sorts of stress and anxieties.

When you are actively involved in physical exercise you carry that attitude as if you are ready to take the world. You are not merely benefiting looks but at the same time gaining healthy life style.
You can start with 15 minutes work out to tone your body. Shape up your core to perfection by giving enough strength. This will tone your body; don’t carry misconception that this step might gain you muscular body. Your initial work out must warm up your body thoroughly so that you don’t face any rigid muscle while performing exercises. Warming up is nothing but to kill the stiffness of the body.
Don’t count reps but go hard for completely 30 seconds. Do this as many times as you can within 30 seconds. Do the rotation for 15 minutes. If you perform these steps with perfection and dedication you will get immediate result.

A dumbbell exercise is quite common and easy to pick up. Hold the dumbbells in a parallel position in your hands towards your thighs. While holding do sit up steps. You can do dumbbell push up as well.
Core leg twisting. This will make your leg strong and strengthen the muscles in the area. Swing your both hands to the direction of clockwise or anti-clockwise. Repeat the steps as many times as you can. This will tone your hand muscle and make it tight. Do the neck rotating while keeping your hands in the waist. This is good for moving neck muscles.

Now you have attained the toned body and ready to flatter yourself with swim suit.

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