How to talk to your children about sex.

talkaboutsex As a parent you are going to need to talk to your children about sex at some point. It’s the only way to ensure that they have the proper guidance to make the right decisions.

I know, it’s a very awkward thing to talk about for some people. It’s something you might be dreading. If you want to make things go a little more smoothly it’s important to have a plan. If you aren’t sure what to say, here’s some advice that will help.

Even young children might be curious about sex.

It’s perfectly natural for children to start thinking about sex from a younger age. This does not mean that they want to have sex at all. It is simply part of our nature to question.

If your child asks you about sex, they have probably seen or heard something about it. You should ask your child about what they saw or heard. Discuss things with them openly.

Keep it on a “younger level”. What does this mean? You should only talk to them about things they might need to know. You don’t need to explain the joys of sex to a young child.

You don’t need to scare them with talk of sexually transmitted disease (STD) . These aren’t things a six year old needs to know. They are things a teen should know. It’s your responsibility to make sure they know what they need to live in our society. Knowledge is the best kind of power, after all

You can’t avoid having “the sex talk” with your child.

If you believe that your child will simply figure out sex, if you think that they will have it explained to them at school or by other people – you need to stop kidding yourself.

If you wait for your child to become a teen before talking to them about sex, there could be big consequences. Your first talk might be one about pregnancy because you failed to inform your child about safe sex.

Few people like to discuss sex, especially if you have to talk to family about it. It is your duty do to so as a parent. If you want your children to succeed in life you should arm them with good decision making skills.