How To Stop Hair Loss

How To Stop Hair Loss

How To Stop Hair Loss Hair loss is a common problem among the women population. The fret and worry behind this problem is over cosmetic reasons rather than any medical condition. If you look into the causes of hair loss it ranges from genetic cause to some serious disorders. People resort to buying expensive products, undergoing extensive treatments to find a cure.

Did you know that you could solve the problem with some basic hair care steps? But if the condition is due to some medical condition, then you need medical help. It would be wise to consult your physician if some basic steps doesn’t solve your hair fall.

Causes of Hair Loss

It is imperative to understand the cause of the hair loss. Like I said earlier hair loss can be inherited. The genes decide your hair fall. Inadequate nutrition is another cause especially less of protein and iron in your food. Stress is another cause,so is inadequate sleep. Bad hair care practices also lead to hair loss.

Pulling your hair too back, using tight hair clips etc., use of curling irons, hair dyes can also cause hair loss. As we age there is more loss of hair. Some medical coditions which cause hair loss include thyroid disorders, ringworm of the scalp, auto immune diseases etc. Hormonal imbalance too can cause hair loss. Hair loss can occur as side effects to medical treatments.

Tips to Stop Hair Loss


Nutrition is a key factor. Consume foods rich in protein and iron. Meat, fish, legumes, soy bean etc. are good sources of protein. Green leafy vegetables, dates etc. are good sources of iron.

How To Stop Hair Loss

Don’t forget to drink plenty of water too. Cut down your caffeine intake, replace it with milk or fruit juices.


Get 6 to 8 hours of sleep every night. Sleep helps the body to rest and recover. It relaxes your mind.It helps to prevent hair loss.


Mental worries and tension is another cause for hair loss. Try some relaxation techniques. Meditation, sharing your problems with a dear friend or taking a walk with nature will help you to relax.

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Good Hair Care Practices

Do not brush your hair while it is still wet. Trim off damaged and split ends. Massage your scalp for good blood flow. Keep your hair clean.

How To Stop Hair Loss

Dirt clogs the hair follicles. Protect your hair from heat, dust and pollution.

Stop Bad Practices

Watch what products you apply to hair. Do not use hot hair styling products. Try to avoid chemical treatment for your hair.

Some Hair Care Practices

Warm up coconut oil and massage your hair. leave it for an hour and then shampoo. Bath in luke warm water. Use mild shampoo. Try to avoid hair dyes and hair curling as much as possible. Using of conditioner after a shampoo wash is often recommended.

Shikakai, lemon, vinegar, coconut oil etc. are some natural products that can be used for hair care. Henna is a natural hair dye. Coconut oil is a good conditioner. Rinsing of dry hair with lemon gives back the natural shine. Applying honey on scalp helps to clear tangled, frizzy hair. Use a wide toothed comb.

Spend some time every day to care for your hair, this will help prevent various hair related problems. It is always easier to take of your hair and prevent problems than treat damaged hair.