How To Stop a Divorce

stop a divorce

Divorce is the most dreaded word every married couple fears. Nobody likes getting divorced. This is something that must be kept as last resort. Instead of taking out petty issues and fighting over it just to end the relationship, it must be understood that marriages are made in heaven and they must be perceived as the wish of the Almighty.

All efforts must be made into making the marriage work. A marriage only works if you have the will. When such a situation comes that both people want to end the relationship they must think that there must have been a reason they both got married. What was it that bonded them? Both saw each other as the perfect partner. Now its time to ponder what actually went wrong in the relationship.

It is not necessary that the other person was at fault. It is important to step in to the other person’s shoes and see what was wrong with your behavior. Both must understand that instead of finding faults in each other it is always better to improvise your own skills. Look for your vices and try eradicating them.

The other reason why most couples get divorced is them wanting the other person to apologize and the make the first move in breaking the ice. This is called ego. Ego is the biggest enemy of all relationships and especially marriage. Why does it become so important for the other person to make the first move?

Think why you can’t take the first step. Your partner will, in such a case, realize his/her fault and appreciate your first move. The other person will feel your love and see that as you made the first move which is the toughest task at least he/she can put an end to the fight.

If you have children, think of their future. It is not only difficult for the parents to deal with a divorce but for the children too. Children need both parent’s love while they grow up. Thinking about your kids will help you stop your divorce. Think of the moment you both came to know, you are about to become parents. Now think of the moment when you both held your child for the first time. Such memories will strengthen the beautiful bond you share.

So make efforts to work up your marriage into a long lasting beautiful relationship.

Richa Kumar