How To Resolve After a Fight


In relationships cat fight is a common thing and also they say fight sweetens the relationship. There is no relationship which doesn’t involve fight. Yes of course, the degree of fight may vary but you must make it clear that every relationships demand a little of fight. They say you love each other more after big fight but it also doesn’t mean you should deliberately fight each other every day for a silly reason. One shouldn’t be being unreasonable.

Just imagine you had a big fight yesterday but you are not sure how you should start talking to each other, basically how to resolve the solution. Breaking the ice can be very uneasy at times. However, if you want your relationship to grow more mature and strong then you must not wait long. Be the first one to take initiative to break the ice. Try to analyze the issue on which you had fight. Re-look into the reason and see his or her view point. Don’t always try to over power your partner by telling that whatever, you say is the right. We all should learn to listen to other person’s view point also. This makes things a lot easier.

In relationship you should try to understand each other. You need little bit of compromisation to make things smooth. Forget about the fight and talk about something different. Next time when you talk try not to bring the same kind of topic that would piss off your relationship. Do things that you like to do and both of you enjoy together. Go for a movie.

If you think you have done something wrong it is best to say sorry. This makes a lot of difference, instantly it might not have an effect but after a while it is going to play a vital role when the other person calms down then he will recall and is sure to realize.


  • but it’s really unfair as much as the guys don’t start we always are the ones to be accused first and then we still gotta be the ones to say “im sorry” first and still after that get treated like a yo-yo…. as in HEY IM THE BOSS,YOU WILL DO AS I SAY,GET THAT?GOT THAT? GOOD!!!! NOW KEEP THAT….. and we gotta follw that 🙁