How to Propose To Your Woman


What ways can a man romantically propose to his woman? That is a good question and in this article there are some tips on how you could romantically propose to your woman. First, I could suggest the couple recreating their first date. This would help in bringing back a lot of fond memories and would set her in the right mood for proposal plus she will appreciate your thoughtfulness in recreating that special moment.

Another romantic way for guys to propose to their woman is to plan a surprise picnic. Consider taking your lover to the beach and give her a box of chocolates and/or a bushel of roses or rent a top-level suite at a hotel or resort and cover the bed with rose petals followed by a little R&R in a Jacuzzi.

Bringing out the champagne and pouring a glass for your woman with the engagement ring at the bottom of the glass (just make sure she doesn’t swallow the ring!) Taking your lady to a Chinese restaurant and have the waiter serve her a fortune cookie saying, “Will you marry me?” hidden inside.

With a surprise like that, it would be a proposal she couldn’t easily refuse. At Christmastime, you could invite your woman to your place to view the Christmas tree. When doing this, make sure the tree is lighted and there is only one decoration on the tree—an engagement ring. Soon enough, you both will be kissing under the mistletoe.

Also, you could get your woman a “just because” gift. Have a bracelet custom made with the words, “M-A-R-R-Y M-E” on it and place the gift in a special place until a special occasion occurs. Also, one could propose at a natural garden or at a beautiful botanic site and pop the question there.

If you do not know where you can find a botanical garden, use the Internet to search for the nearest botanical garden or arboretum near you.

One final suggestion in romantically proposing to your woman is to have rose petals or candles leading the way to the proposal site, followed by a romantic dinner and then lead her to the proposal site to pop the question.