How to Prevent Kidney Stones


Prevention of kidney stones is very easy if you know about healthy food habits which can prevent this problem and help your kidneys work properly. If any one of you is having kidney stones, following are some tips which can surely help to prevent the kidney stones.

1. Kidney has a lot to do with the waste material of body, so a good daily water intake is must. This will help to flush out the unwanted materials out of the body.

The main reason behind stone formation is less water intake because of which less liquid is available to your kidneys to flush the toxic material out of the body. In this manner, you are likely to develop kidney stones because of high toxic concentration in kidneys.

2. Calcium Oxalate is another reason which causes stone formation in kidneys, so you should avoid foods with high Calcium Oxalate like sweet potatoes, star fruits and soy products etc.

3. Reduce your salt intake as otherwise the amount of calcium in urine will increase. So reduce salt intake to avoid calcium stones.

4. Restrict your intake of proteins and meat if you are having a urinary problem as a diet with high protein intake can create stones in the kidney.

5. Alcohol and other types of soda are also not good for kidney function so reduce the intake.

6. If you prefer to drink tea or coffee instead of alcohol and soda, this will surely help you to prevent kidney stones. But never take too much of tea and coffee as it may lead to some other health issues.

7. Make a habit of eating fresh fruits and vegetable regularly. This helps to ensure the availability of beneficial vitamins and fiber to the body. High fiber helps to prevent the formation of Calcium crystals and it also helps to avoid kidney stones.

These are some of the very easy methods to avoid kidney stones. These are not only easy, but also very cheap methods to deal with the kidney stone problem. Follow these methods to stay healthy.

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