How to prevent flu


flu Because the flu virus has come early this year, it is advisable that you take all the protective measures ahead of time. If you cannot afford staying ill for a week and then trying to recuperate the full strength, then you will certainly need to pay some attention these tips.

(Fortifying the immune system)

It is recommended that you take some vitamin or herbal supplements in order to allow your body to fight the flu. The sunlight that is not sufficient during winter times and stress levels can easily bring down your immune system,  therefore you should be looking for products that can strengthen the immune system.

Because a virus usually penetrates the body through the nose, you can form a concoction of natural ingredients with which you can coat the nostrils. Use olive oil, eucalyptus oil, oregano oil, lavender oil as well as tea tree oil in order to make a mixture that will help you fight infections.

Apply this to your nostrils in the morning and have some ready with you if you want to stay protected the whole day.

(Be careful with the temperatures)

If you feel like you have been stricken by flu, then you should not wait too long because if you already have eye pains, sore throat then the flu will fully install itself soon. If you are having aches in the muscles, then this means the temperature of the body will be rising, one sign of flu.

Make sure you don’t take medication to lower down the temperature. Because the body’s mechanism is to increase the body temperature in order to fight the infection, you should not be taking medication to lower this temperature.

Allow the body to naturally try to fight the infection. One of the enzymes fighting the infection is called Interferon and it can only have effects if the body temperature is around 102F.

If you do take medication to lower down the temperature, then your condition will prolong itself by days and you will not find this too pleasant.

(Fluid intake)

One of the most efficient ways to fight down the flu is to give the body the nutrients and the elements it needs to kill the toxins.

The toxins generate many of the unpleasant symptoms of flu, therefore if you drink liquids every thirty minutes, for instance lemon tea or water and make a concoction out of it, then you will surely alleviate the effects of flu and revitalize the body to keep fighting back the flu.

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