How to Prevent Common Cold


preventcommoncold A strong immune system represents an important defense against any possible virus or infection that might be out there. Because bacteria, viruses and harmful microbes are virtually everywhere, our immune system needs to work at its maximum in order to ensure we are protected from harmful infections.

Cold, inflammations or even infections can damage the immune system’s equilibrium. Therefore, in order to strengthen your immunity, you need to know a few steps.

(Healthy and balanced diets)

A balanced diet comprises of meat, fish, diary, natural honey, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as lactose products for the different seasons. It is best not to consume processed food or more than 100g of carbohydrates per day.

Your diet should also include a high intake of organic proteins as well as animal fats, which will help protect the immune system during epidemics as well as stress.

(Vitamin C intake)

Vitamin C is extremely important when you are down with a cold. You should be eating a lot of frozen berries during the winter time, drink orange or lemon juice and even make a mixture of lemon juice with honey which you can eat as a sort of dessert.

This will surely ensure you are taking your daily dose of vitamin C. Commercial juice do not actually contain vitamin C, and they also have large sugar contents in them which will definitely upset the glucose levels we were talking about.

(Washing hands and general sanitation)

You should wash your hands regularly or use a hand sanitizer for that. Other rules of hygiene apply of course. These include all sorts of habits you should have already developed, such as washing your hands after using the bathroom.

The Japanese even encourage the wearing of facial masks, in order to prevent contamination in the public places, which is a very useful idea especially during times of flu pandemics.

(Avoid antibiotics usage)

Antibiotics can come incorporated in creams, pills so if you don’t have something serious for an infection ,you should not be probably taking antibiotics.

Because unnecessary intake can lead to other problems and even damage the existent natural bacteria in your body, then you should probably make sure you do not take antibiotics without your knowledge.

The purpose is to have your body respond to the antibiotics therefore if you are taking too many, the body will stop responding to the effect since it has grown accustomed to it.

Therefore, in the case of flu or cold, you should probably try other remedies first before turning to antibiotics. Make sure you start with rest, sleep in warm environments, have lemon juice with honey and allow your body some time to fight against the infection. If everything else fails, then it is time you started with antibiotics most probably.

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