How To Prevent Bronchitis


In bronchitis, the respiratory tract gets inflamed and there is production of cough and sputum. Bronchitis can worsen due to air pollution, allergies, and viral respiratory infection. When we inhale any irritant through the air, the airways become injured and the bronchitis becomes chronic.

To prevent bronchitis, avoid exposure to irritants that harm the bronchial tubes. When there is heavy traffic, you can get air pollution and harmful gases and smoke. Therefore, avoid heavy traffic and air pollution.

How To Prevent Bronchitis

How To Prevent Bronchitis

Avoid Smoking

Smoking cigarettes and tobacco and air pollution are the most common causes of bronchitis. Smoking can damage the lungs and increase the risk of pneumonia. The lining of the airways is not able to clear the debris of smoking and the extra mucus. Thus, the lungs of a smoker are more likely to be infected.

Smoking increases mucus and this leads to chronic cough due to smoking and inhaling toxic materials in a smoke. To prevent bronchitis, you must avoid smoking. You must avoid inhaling cigarette smoke as a second hand user. Do not go near the smokers as you might get infections and there can be congestion of the airways.

Avoid Irritants And Chemicals

If you inhale irritating industrial fumes released from the factories, toxic gases as well as the dust, it leads to bronchitis. For preventing bronchitis, you must avoid exposure to irritants like chemical fumes strong acids and other harmful chemicals. People who work in occupations like mining, textiles, and grain handling get exposure to dangerous irritants and chemicals. Such people must protect themselves from irritants at the workplace.

How To Prevent Bronchitis

Get Flu Vaccine

Acute bronchitis can be due to the influenza virus. You must consult a doctor and get the recommended immunizations including the annual flu, pneumonia, and pneumococcal vaccine (Prevnar). Use humidifier in the bathroom.

Protect From Cold

If the bronchitis is due to cold, you must protect yourself from the cold by using facemasks. The bronchitis virus spreads in the air when an infected person coughs. Another person can get infection in case he breathes these viruses. The infection can also spread if you touch an infected person’s hands.

Therefore, avoid going near people who have cold and flu. Avoid going to locations, which are cold and damp. This prevents in the spreading of infection from an infected person.

Wash Hands

You must develop good hand hygiene habits. Adults as well as children must wash hands frequently. Washing hands kills the harmful microorganisms that cause bronchitis before they enter the body. Use hand Sanitizers. This helps in preventing the spreading of the virus along with other infections in cold seasons. If you are near a person who has cough as well as cold, protect yourself by wearing a mask.

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Herbal And Natural Remedies  

If you have bronchitis, drink plenty of fluids and rest. Consume a healthy diet, which gives power to the body to fight illness. Some vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies help in combating and healing bronchitis. Vitamin C makes the immune system strong. Vitamin A promotes lung health.

Vitamin E heals the tissues. You must also take beta-carotene as it makes the lungs healthy and repairs the tissues. Zinc also helps in the repair of the tissues. Peppermint and ginseng tea, ginger and honey help in the bronchitis infection.

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