How to prepare baked bananas


Hey are tired of shouting over your kids so that they can finish their meals completely? Do your children eat very less vegetables and fruits which make you worried about their nutritional content? Well in that case, don’t panic much! Mostly all the kids love bananas, so here is one sumptuous baked banana dish, just try it out in your kitchen. Believe me; your kids will love it!

First of all slice a peeled banana in to half, lengthwise very carefully so that it does not break.

Now spread some butter or margarine on each of the banana slice. Make sure you apply this on the flat side of banana as it is easier to do there. You can even make lengthwise slits in each half too-it gives your yellow oily stuff a place in which to pool.

Now sprinkle some brown sugar at the top of yellow oily stuff. Make sure you do the sprinkling part evenly on the banana, otherwise it may look awkward.

Now cook this prepared banana piece in a microwave on high for about a minute. If your bananas are long, keep them in a microwave for a longer time. Before placing them in a microwave, be careful to cover them into a plastic wrap or a paper towel. If you are thinking to cook them on medium then double the time amount.

You can spice the banana slices by putting some cinnamon or nutmeg. Go for some lemon juke that goes well with everything. You can even sprinkle paprika, cloves and rum. Now your baked bananas are ready to serve.

Now don’t think much! Just prepare this easy and sumptuous baked banana recipe for your kids and other family members. This can be eaten as a form of desert after you over with your dinner.

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