How to make your plans achievable


Listing your goals in the order of priorities will certainly contains your long term ambitions and short terms goals along with immediate plans. Right? Your long term goal may be to own your home and immediate plan can be to increase your income. Both these plans are link and sorting the short term plan will contribute towards achieving your long term goals. So for achieving your goals here are some steps that you can take to follow your dream.

Always remember that Rome was not built in day and same is true for your future too. So don’t make the mistake of trying to do everything at once. Take shorts steps. Can you climb a ladder in one step? Certainly not! So break every change that you want to make into short steps and then carry out with the things.

Don’t be surprised to read that the act of committing your plans to paper makes them firmer in your mind. But don’t get too hung up about writing a detailed plan. Even jotting down some immediate goals and sticking them to the fridge door is better than not writing anything down at all.

Aim high while trying to achieve your goals, but make sure that you leave enough time and space for the journey. Make a pace with yourself. Never ever try too hard on yourself. This is because most people give up because they try to run too fast in achieving their goals. They forget that everything takes time. So have a good eye on your endurance level and not on your speed.

Always be optimistic in your outlook and behavior. Keep telling yourself it’s possible and it will be. Believe me; if you think positive, even the doubts in your mind will seem faded.