How To Make Your Home Smell Good


Everyone wants to come home to a good smelling house, no bad odours, no sour smells, but a house that smells as fresh as a mountain meadow or as sunny as a sunlit day.  There are many ways that make your house smell attractive, here are a few tips for a house that smells as fresh as dawn.

Begin by opening all the windows and doors to let clean, fresh air in.  Give your house a thorough spring cleaning.  If, you smoke then don’t do it inside the house, as nothing not even perfume or an air freshener will disguise the smell of smoke.  Go outside and have a leisurely smoke in the garden, if smoke you must.

Bake bread and let the fragrance of freshly baked bread waft through your rooms making your house smell delicious all day.  Simmer a few sticks of cinnamon along with apple slices and orange peel in water on the stove to freshen and add a spice to the way your house smells.

Before you vacuum your carpets, use carpet deodoriser to have them smelling good.  Spray perfume on an unlit light bulb which when lit will warm up the scent and make your room smell wonderful.  Burn scented candles and incense sticks, keep some potpourri in bowls to lend some fragrance to your rooms.  A natural perfume, potpourri is a mixture of dry flowers and leaves to which essential oils, spices and fixative agents have been added.

Put out bowls with sponges soaked in vanilla extract.  Keep flower arrangements of dried eucalyptus for a fresh, clean smell in the house.  Put out dishes of dried rosemary and lavender, or as sachets in clothes closets and drawers.  With so many ways of making your home smell fresh, clean and wonderful, you could just get away with not getting out the vacuum cleaner and spring cleaning it, if you don’t have the time!

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