How To Make Shoes Stop Squeaking


Many people take clean and smart shoes as one of the major factors that help decide the personality of an individual. Smart shoes can enhance the appearance of casual clothes also, while soiled shoes can make even the most expensive suit look drab.

Apart from the appearance, another feature of shoes is very important i.e. the noise they make. The simplest method is taking out the insole, put baby powder inside, and put it back in. this works many times. It might be possible that the tongue rubs against the shoes, underneath the laces, making them squeak. In such a case, you should rub the tongue with saddle soap and then wear them.

Another trick for how to make shoes stop squeaking is simply lift the inner sole of the shoe and sprinkle powder inside. Leave the powder inside as you replace the inner sole. Lift the inner sole partly and dust with baby powder. You can also give the entire shoe a dusting, especially places where the shoe naturally rubs and around shoe laces. Let it set overnight. It might be possible that your shoe squeaks because of a loose heel. In such a case, you should put glue into the seams around the heel. Now, clamp the shoe and hold it tight, till the time you are sure that the glue has set in properly.

One of the popular ways on how to make shoes stop squeaking is take the conditioner and rub it on your shoe. Take extra consideration to be sure that you do rub the conditioner in the areas where the shoe would run together naturally. However, before adopting any of these ways, first, you should get a friend to get down next to your shoe and see if they can locate what part of the shoe the squeak is coming from. Different areas that squeak will need different remedies.