How To Make Second Marriage Successful

How To Make Second Marriage Successful

Second marriage is a new beginning in your life with new responsibilities. Not only a new transition for two persons, but also for two new families and kids,if any, of the previous marriage.

Thus a seriously challenging obligation you must consider certain basics before remarrying:

Firstly, analyze you are not remarrying because you are lonely or need a financial support but an unconditional love, minor sacrifices, adjustments and mutual respect must be the agenda of such a relationship.Give yourself time to find out the traits are you really looking for in your partner and take time for a potential person.

Take a realistic view as to how you would prepare your self for a new relation, thereby analyzing what went wrong on your part in the previous one.Do not live in the past and never compare the positive traits of your ex-spouse and the in-laws with the shortcomings of your new relations.

Rather focus on this marriage to make it a success Maintain an open to and fro communication with each other in any aspect, be it arguments or decision making. This develops flexibility and better understanding in a relationship and keeps the flame of the newfound passion alive Scrutinize both of yours limitations and accept them gladly, as nobody is perfect.

Further, encourage each other to put in your best for a successful marriage. This will develop a sense of positive attitude in your relationship
Be vulnerable to fear and hopes and open up, driving out the fear to being hurt or dejected. This way your partner will be able to reach you and be your soul mate.

If you have kids from previous marriage who are uncomfortable with your new marriage, have open discussions with them. Make them feel that they will continue having same place in you life as they had earlier. Moreover your new spouse is not their contender or enemy but your counterpart to love them and take care of them.

If your spouse has kids from earlier marriage, accept them as part of your new family just the way you have accepted your new partner. Be good to them and become their mental support as they are your spouse’s priority.In case of problematic money-matters in a new marriage such as alimony, child support payments etc., settle those amicably by a divorce mediator or a financial consultant.

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