How To Make Lip Balm


Making your own lip balm is a great gift idea. It’s easy to do and you can take your time experimenting to get just the right flavor, consistency, etc. Below is one of the simplest recipe for you to try—you will see that all require beeswax that can be easily found at natural foods stores or also at cornershop. These stores will also carry the oils needed. Feel free to experiment with other flavored or essential oils.

1 tbsp Bee’s Wax
1 tbsp Shea Butter
1- ½ tbsp of Avocado Oil
1/4th tsp of Glacier Mint Flavoring

This lip balm is delightful and very cold on the lips that one feels extremely refreshing!

How to make lip balm – procedure

For the first step, melt Bee’s Wax and Shea Butter on the stove with a particular temperature control. Make sure it is to over 180 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, take off the heat and add in the avocado oil. Mix all well and mix in the Glacier Mint flavoring. Pour into 7 Lip Balm tubes or Lip Blam jars and use it as and when you want.