How To Make Homemade Lotions


Who doesn’t love to pamper themselves, but not everyone can indulge them selves by buying luxury lotions that cost a small fortune. However, with a little know how and for half the cost, you can make a lotion that beats the boutique ones, as far as quality.All you require is a few natural ingredients; a microwave or a gas stove and a hand held mixer for drinks, including a few essential oils for fragrance and pretty bottles to pour your creations in. Not only will you be saving money, but you will be getting top quality toiletries at a fraction of the price one has to pay in special stores.

Homemade Lotions

Let’s get you started with a basic lotion recipe. Begin by selecting bottles with different coloured caps to differentiate between fragrances e.g. purple for lavender, etc. Next heat ¾ cup oil of choice, together with 2-tsps Stearic Acid, 1-tsp. Emulsifying Wax till they melt in the microwave or on the stove.

Separately heat ½ cup water and ½ tsp Borax until boiling hot. Slowly whip in oil mixture with the hand blender. Now, add some Vitamin E oil, a little colour, fragrance and mix well. Pour in bottles and let cool. Use up quickly or within a few months you will find little black microbes forming in the lotion. Vitamin E being a natural preservative should help, or else add a touch of Germaben II.

Experiment with lotion ingredients, such as, using rainwater or green tea instead of ordinary water, or water infused with herb of choice. The possibilities are endless and these variations also apply to the making of crèmes.

Homemade Cremes

For making crème, simply increase the oil to 90% and water to 10% of mixture. Add a bit of beeswax to the oil part when heating. Beeswax is not really necessary but it does help to whip up a frothy crème.

You not only save money by making your own lotions and potions, you also get to use healthy, chemical free products.

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