How To Make Her Reach Orgasm

Ways To Make Her Reach Orgasm

Many women need something more than just breathing to reach the heights of orgasm, while there are some who may never have had an orgasm at all. There are also women who are capable of squeezing out their liquid all over the floor, on bed and even on you. It is believed that every woman has such a capability; of reaching the height of sexual delight – but some women disagree on this point.

If those women do not want to open their minds to the idea of ejaculation, then it is their choice. When you get a woman who is well into the sexual tune and want to finger her vagina till she ejaculates then you will remain wet.

Before Her Dribbling

Before her dribbling: Women discharge from the urethra – this is the place where from urine comes out. The liquid does not appear like urine. The girl may feel that she may be about to urinate when she is near to ejaculation.

If she is able to hold it, then she will not ejaculate. If the girl finishes with urination and you are still making castles in air, then she will never go with it again. You should enjoy the moment and should not lose your control.

Stimulation Through G Spot

Stimulation through G-spot: Many women ejaculate when the clitoris is stimulated or through other foreplay techniques. One of the best ways to give stimulation is by manipulation of the G-spot with your fingers.

You should first use a few foreplay techniques, and then lightly touch the clitoris to make her excited. When she is excited, insert two fingers in vagina in such a manner that your palm faces upwards. Inside vagina, at the distance of an inch, you will feel ball-like spot. This is the G-spot – stroke it firmly and after a while, it becomes hard. Keep stroking the G-spot area.

Stimulation Through Different Positions

Stimulation through different positions: Achieving the expulsion of liquid is not as easy as explained above; it is achieved through various experiments, through various positions and through persuasion. In the same way, you can stimulate other parts of a woman’s body too.

For example, when you are stimulating her G-spot, use the other hand or your mouth for manipulating nipples. In the same way, you can also go for doggy style and opt for finger and penile penetration. Many women only ejaculate through sex – so choose a position in which the vagina can meet easily with your penis, or you can use a vibrator to make her ejaculate.