How to make Anti wrinkle Cream at Home


Using Shea Butter and Honey as an Anti wrinkle Cream

Kanite or Shea butter has been known to have wonderful healing qualities.  For years in the central part of Africa these have been used on the skin. The moisturizing properties of Shea butter are very effective and also gentle so they are great for skin that is sensitive.  It is great for dry skin that is prone to wrinkling.

Honey also has been known to possess healing qualities for the skin and creates a priceless cream when combined with the properties of Shea butter.  This becomes a cosmetic that will not only soothe but soften skin which stops wrinkles from forming in the skin.

What are the Ingredients in Anti-Aging Cream

Jasmine, just 3 drops,

Myrrh 2 drops.

Oil of almond (3tsp),

Oil of wheat germ (2 tsp).

Add honey (1tsp) and warm this to a liquid

Beeswax, the yellow kind (2 tsp).

Flower water (linden) 3tsp.

The final ingredient is Shea butter (3 tsp).

How to Put It All Together

In a baking tray put melted beeswax and hot water and heat it slowly.  The flower water (linden) combined with the honey is heated gently in another bowl while the beeswax is melting.  After the beeswax has melted, fold in the Shea butter, stirring constantly to combine the ingredients together.  After this, fold in the oils (wheat germ and almond) and beat the ingredients into a smooth cream.

Both bowls of ingredients should be warmed thoroughly.  Once this is done the flower water (linden) along with the honey is incorporated into the oils a drop at a time.  This then needs be whipped together at a low speed.

Now remove the mixture from the heat, stirring continuously until it has cooled completely.  Pour the mixture into a jar, and seal it.  Your anti wrinkle cream is ready for use.