How To Make A Relationship Last?


How long can a relationship last? The real question is how long can a couple make a relationship last? Today, most relationships last from a few months to a few years, depending how much fire is in the couple to maintain the relationship. In for a relationship between a couple to last for years and years, the couple’s love for each other and/or desire to make it work, not matter what, has to be real strong if not unbreakable.

In the past and in very few cases today, most marriages lasted 40, 50, 60 or even 70 years! Wow! a 70-year marriage? Try to find a 70-year marriage today. You are more likely to find a 70-day marriage rather than a 70 year marriage.

Okay the question is how to make a relationship last? Well let’s start off with how long do you and your mate want it to last? This question must be answered before any other because this is the basis on what makes the relationship work or not.

All parties in a relationship must agree to how long they want it to last. If the parties involved want the relationship to last a certain amount of time, such as a few months to a year or more, then that relationship would last that long but if the parties involved want it to take the relationship day-by-day or month-by month, then the relationship could end at anytime, if one or both parties in a couple’s relationship decide that they prefer to be with someone else or one of the parties in the relationship die.

So, again: how to make a relationship last? Well I could suggest that the parties involved in the relationship sit down and discuss any issues or concerns that might interfere or hinder the progress of the relationship. A real relationship must progress to the point that all parties are totally committed to it which would help a great deal in making the relationship last a long time because if the relationship is primarily based on booty calls and meaningless pillow talk, it will not last for long and a successful relationship cannot progress solely on those two things.

Another suggestion is for the parties involved in the relationship to look deep into their hearts and say, “Is this person right for me and if so, do I really love them or I just want them because they look good?” Well I have pretty much said what all there is need to be said about how to make relationships last.

In the end it is really up to the parties involved in relationships to decide how long does it last and how will it last and will it last, even through the hardest of times. Only the people involved can really answer those questions.