How To Make A Man Tell You How He Feels About You

Man Tell You How Feeling About You

How To Make A Man Tell You How He Feels About You When you are in love with a man it is natural that you will want to know how the guy really feels about you. However, it is a well known fact that most men have difficulty in opening their heart and revealing their true feelings as it makes them feel vulnerable. If you are dating such a guy then you will need all the tips and tricks to make the man tell you how he feels about you.

Tips To Make A Man Reveal His Feelings For You

Drop Hints About Your Feelings

No trick can work as effectively as this one. Most men steer clear from expressing their innermost feelings because they are not sure how the other person feels about them. The fear of being rejected prevents them from coming out clean.

So, the best way to deal with this situation is to make the guy aware that he is special to you. When the man you are dating knows it in his heart that his feelings are returned by you and that you are willing to take the relationship to the next level he will become more confident in expressing his love.

Make The Man Feel Comfortable

The guy you are dating has to feel comfortable around you in talking about matters of the heart and it is your job to make him feel comfortable. Unlike women who can talk about anything and everything men tend to take time in opening up.

In order to make him comfortable you can begin by talking about each other’s family. This will help the guy in knowing you more intimately. It is also important that you show him that you are appreciative about the way he cares about his dear ones.

How To Make A Man Tell You How He Feels About You

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Don’t Let Him Take You For Granted

Most men do not want to bind themselves by talking clearly about their feelings and their intentions. They start taking the girl for granted. Although, you must allow him time to adjust with his feelings before making them known to you it is essential that you tell him very clearly that you would not wait for him forever.

Give Him Time To Miss You

If you are always there on the scene he will not understand your importance in his life. Give him his own space. This will give him time to miss you and appreciate how much you mean to him. It is important that you spend quality time together to build intimacy but it is equally important to maintain space so that you do not crowd him.

Ask Him Questions That Would Make Him Talk

It is a common misconception among women that men do not love to talk but the truth is men love discussions. So, if all the above tips do not seem to work for you then you should start asking indirect questions like the kind of girl he likes, sort of person he wants to spend his life with. These indirect questions will look so innocent that the man will not feel any pressure on him and he would very soon open up.

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