How To Make a Man Fall In Love With You

man fall in love with you

If you are crazy about that suave guy you met through a common friend and feel awkward in telling what you feel about him, don’t worry here is a guide that is going to solve your problem.

If you like a guy and want to sweep him off his feet you need to take in to account a few things and he will fall for you for sure!

The first thing here is to do your homework. Find out his likes, area of interest and anything more you would want to know. If you have met him through some common friend the task is even simpler. If he is a complete stranger, get talking with him. You both could decide on going out and then will be the time you can peek in to his mind and know more about him. Alternatively you could find out if he is there on any of the networking websites and check out his profile. This will let you know more about him.

If you get to find out what kind of girls he likes, it will be great. Work on those areas and make him fall for you. If he likes girls with a great body and you feel you are a few pounds here and there, work on it.

If he was a stranger but you found a common friend in between seek your friend’s help. Tell him/her to introduce him to you. If you find none of these alternatives, be brave and approach him yourself. Don’t be too desperate and stare at him or be enamored by what he speaks. Even if you are mad about him, never show it!

Giving him a chance to let him feel manly will work wonders for you. Remember never to praise him more than once. Once is enough. Make him feel that he makes you feel quite comfortable and easy. Talk about things or topics he likes most.

One thing that you must keep in mind is to never pretend. Faking in front of him is not cool. Be natural. Be the way you are and he will like you.Never show him your feelings in the first meeting. Give him a chance to open up with you and who knows he may admit his liking or love for you even before you do!

Richa Kumar

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    These tips will really help the women to capture the heart of the men that they like. You can get such guidelines on how to make a man fall for you through different sources like in the web.