How To Maintain Your Curly Hair


This may sound like a thing more suitable for women but it really is not. You do not have to hate your hair if it is curly, although it can get quite puffy sometimes. So you ask yourself, how can I change this? What can I do about it? Wonder no more, there are lots of products out there that will help you to achieve this goal, and keep your hair under control.

Start by simply not being so hard on yourself. Consider yourself lucky that you have all your hair because there are lots of guys who would do anything to be in your place.

Read further and see some tips that could help you manage your curly hair with style. You basically have two options here; you can keep your hair as it is now or straighten it.

You could keep it short; this is an aspect that is often overlooked by many. By keeping it nice and short, you make it easier to maintain it. It is not that hard to do either, shorter hair implies less effort to maintain than a longer one. You wash and adjust it easier. You could also decide to keep it long.

In this case, according to some famous hairstylists, the best way to flatten it is by cutting it on a regular basis. Do this every few weeks. You can cut it in different angles and remove the extra volume, but this depends on how good the hairstylist is.

After washing do not blow dry it, this increases its volume and you do not want that. Brush it more often to reduce its volume and apply a hair spray while it is wet. This will strengthen it as well.

The last option we are going through, is straightening your hair. Do this if one of the above ones is not an option for you. There are many different ways to do it, but you can choose to do it yourself or do it at a professional salon. Consult with a specialist and see what he thinks would be the best option for your hair type.