How To Lose Pregnancy Weight

weight lose after pregnancy

For nine months, your body underwent tremendous changes. Now that you have your baby in your arms, everything else takes a backseat. But not the niggling worry of how to get back your pre-pregnancy figure, shed all the weight you had gained and become a Yummy Mummy.

Pregnancy takes a toll on every woman’s body (never mind what you see of Hollywood moms). You have to be patient – it may take up to a year to lose the pregnancy flab – and you have to be persistent. Exhaustion, guilt, your baby’s erratic sleep patterns and time constraints might pose problems but be dogged in your weight-loss pursuit. Besides, exercise can solve some of those problems.

And remember, you must not diet during this period. Here’s how you can lose your pregnancy weight.

Breastfeed your baby. Breastfeeding is not just about nurturing and nourishing; it is also useful in helping you shed weight as it demands 500 calories from you each day.

Go slow. Even if you are fit and had exercised before and during your pregnancy, take things easy after the birth of your baby. Mentally you might be raring to embark on a fitness programme soon but physically you need to give it time. Start gently after getting a clearance from your doctor. Remember it might not be before 1-2 months that you actually start exercising.

Keep it basic and simple. Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean heading to the gym or doing demanding cardio workouts. During the months just after the birth of your baby, keep your exercise regimen simple. Walk up and down the stairs as often as you can, take a walk around the block – anything that is easily manageable.

Divide your workouts. Since it’s important to coincide your exercise time with your baby’s sleep time, do what can be easily fitted into that time frame. If it means short bursts of exercises spread across the day, do it. They are just as effective.

Get social. There are two advantages of meeting other women who’ve given birth (your family, friends, colleagues, etc): You don’t obsess about weight loss, and you also take tips from them on how they lost weight after their pregnancies. Who knows, it might help you get better exercise ideas!

Ultimately, do remember that your top priority right now is not your figure but your baby. Enjoy your time together as it doesn’t take time for little ones to grow up. Weight loss will follow in due course.