How To Look Ten Years Younger


As we age, disguising the signs of aging to look younger is uppermost on our minds.  However, without doing anything dramatic, traumatic or expensive, we can simply freshen our looks, fast, having fun, easy and effortlessly.  The best way is to get rid of clothes that no longer make us feel good.  In translation that means anything clothes item that is too big, too small, has stains, is ripped, discoloured, or embarrassing, just throw it out even if you love it!  There are many easy ways to look and feel fabulous, looking far younger than your years.

Shorten and Narrow Your Skirts
After reaching a certain age, long, flowing maxi skirt don’t look good any more.  They are for the young, as are micro minis.  The skirt length that is universally flattering is at the spot behind your knees where the thigh meets the calf.  Get your skirts shortened and tapered from those boxy, dowdy A-lines into more flattering, straight or pencil skirts.  Younger, hipper and shapelier, pair them with kitten, chunky or stiletto heels.

Show Off Your Legs With A Faux-Tan
Shapeless pantsuits are ageing.  It’s great to show some skin, if you still have legs worth showing off.  De-fuzz and tan the legs before going bare, as pasty or ashy coloured legs are a big non-no.  The best way to get some colour and cover up imperfections like veins, bruises and scars, is to apply some faux tan, after your shower, and you’ll be good to go in an hour.  If, you don’t have the time, then spray on some colour from a can.  Like makeup, it washes right off and as you will find tanned legs not only look slimmer, they look sexier and younger, as well.

Paint The Toes In Cool Colours
Fingernails may look best in a light, sheer pink, however, be young and have some fun with toes painted a dark shade of nail polish.  Of course, keep feet smooth and moisturized, as cracked heels tend to give away your age!  Between regular pedicures, remove dead, dry skin from the feet with a pumice stone.

Get A Tousled, Loose Hair Do
Grow your hair a little and let it go wavy and naturally curly on its own, if you’ve always worn it short.  Get rid of the hair spray as young hair moves; old hair doesn’t.  The every-hair-in-place is a look that is dated.  If, your hair is dull, dry and brittle, give it a hot-oil treatment to give your hair a brilliant, lustrous shine.  Hair conditioner counts, so don’t forget to use it after every shampoo.  Now, toss your head, run your fingers through your hair, let it go!

Pump Up The Lashes
The young have long, lustrous lashes, but as we age, they tend to become sparser and don’t grow as fast, the same as brow hairs and the hair on our heads!  Almost every star in Hollywood enhances her natural lashes with a few false ones.  Just a few individual lashes strategically placed at the outer ends are soooo worth it.

Bring On Tinted Moisturizer
As we age, we should use less foundation as heavy foundation cakes, looks fake and adds to our age.  Since, at this age, skin is usually clear, even-toned and blemish-free, why not let your natural glow shine through.  For those who do not have good skin, get your glow from a tinted moisturizer, light foundation or luminizing treatment product.

Switch Your Lipstick Colour From Dark To Pink
There is nothing easier than changing lip colour.  Dark lip colours tend to age one, bleeding into lip lines, making lips look smaller and thinner than they actually are.  So, go for pink lipsticks to give yourself a natural, shiny, glossy look that radiates lightness.  At a certain age, everything on your face should be natural-looking, and pink lipstick flatters almost every woman.

Slip In To A Pair Of Perfect White Jeans
Jeans that fit and flatter are your single most important age-defying piece of clothing.  Slip them on and watch the years and pounds melt away.  For  summer, wear white denim, boot-cut and mid low-rise, with a bit of stretch and no embellishments, rips, tears or holes.

Keep Up With Sexy Heels
Don’t give heels up for flats.  No one’s talking about 6-inch heels, rather three-inch heels will still make your legs look longer, leaner and sexier, without sacrificing comfort.  No doubt, there are pretty flats out now, but there is nothing like heels to give you confidence in your looks.