How to look natural with make up

Rachel McAdams

Keep the crowd standstill for quite some time. Are you apprehensive about wearing make up? But still you want to look good at the same time and want to draw attention in the party? And you are worried that the make up articles might have high concentration of chemicals. You have genuine worry but to tell you the fact you can wear make up and at the same you remain safe from the chemicals.

You just have to know the technique and the right make up products.
Before applying make up clean your face properly. Start with good foundation and concealer. There are two things you have to keep in mind. They are your eyes and mouth.
So you have to go in two separate ways to do make up. You should wear make up according to the occasion. If you are going out at night and will have to stay for many hours then you should go for bright eye shadow, lippie and your glittering mascara. To achieve flawless skin on the area you apply little more foundation. In the application of make up you have to maintain “less more” rather than more, to get that natural glow.
For day time make up you have to really take care. Start with the cleaning process.
Know your skin type then it is easy to apply make up. If you have oily skin, dry compact bases work well. And also you can go for oil free liquid.
If you have dry skin then cream base will do well to moisten the base.
Day time make up can be really funny if you don’t wear the right make up. Too much make can ruin your day. Wear sunscreen and then you go for foundation. There are different types of foundation you can go for depending upon your skin type. Solid and stick foundation has better concealing power and they can give that natural look. The colour of the base should match your skin colour.
The real work is done by the congealer. It can hide your unwanted blemishes.You can apply powder but its just an optional.
Next step is, apply blusher on cheeks and temples. Apply them evenly and firmly. After your day is over cleanse your face properly.