How To Look After Your Skin During Pregnancy

pregnancy skin care

During pregnancy, just like the body, your skin undergoes drastic changes. The pregnancy hormones can play havoc with your skin. Most of women experience skin problems during pregnancy. Therefore you need to take extra care to flaunt a glowing skin during pregnancy.

Some of the most skin problems that women face during pregnancy include acne, melasma, cholasma and stretch marks. These skin conditions are attributed to hormonal imbalance in the body. Acne breakouts are common in your face, back and chest, causing the overall pigmentation in the body to darken.

Melasma causes dark patches around your forehead, cheeks and nose. Cholasma is a skin condition that results in yellowish and brownish patches on the face. Most of the females also develop stretch marks due to stretching of the skin. However you must never use the usual medicines containing benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid to treat these skin issue and problems as these chemicals are correlated to birth defects.

During pregnancy it is always advisable to use natural skin care products only. You must make sure to use products that are 100 percent organic and noncomedogenic. In order to reduce the occurrence of hormone-related outbreaks it is important to cleanse your skin regularly during pregnancy.

Always ensure to use chemical free cleansing products for your skin. Cleaning skin with lukewarm water twice daily is an effective to clean and hydrate your skin. If your skin is sensitive, it is best to use cleansing soaps meant especially for sensitive skin like glycerine based soaps. You must refrain from using harsh astringents on your skin as they can cause adverse problems.

For treating oily skin during pregnancy, use a gentle scrub made of raw oats to remove excessive grease. Using a natural moisturizer is an excellent way to keep your skin supple and reduce stretch marks during pregnancy. Besides this a natural sunscreen will also protect your skin from harmful effects of UV radiations.

Following a healthy and balanced diet is also vital for eliminating skin problems during pregnancy. Along with this you must also drink plenty of water to meet your body’s fluid requirement. Good skin care regimen coupled with nutritious diet will enable you to enjoy the goodness of healthy skin and body during pregnancy.