How To Induce Your Labor


labor The pains and discomfort of the pregnancy will be over the moment the child is born. The excitement of the ‘would be’ mother will enhance a great deal as she nears the ninth month of pregnancy.

But sometimes, labor gets postponed because of various natural causes. Of course, after waiting for some time, the doctor will induce pain by giving some medicines. But in the meanwhile, there are some other methods which can induce pain. But please do not try these methods without consulting the doctor.

1.  Walking: This is one of the best methods to induce labor pain. This is because, walking induces the muscles in the uterus and as a result the labor pain is induced. Similarly, relaxation exercise will also be helpful in this regard.

2. Herbal remedies: There are some herbal remedies like eggplant parmegiana which are very helpful in inducing labor. The parmegiana and other herbs like Basil and Oregano which are added in the preparation of eggplant Parmegiana actually work to induce labor.

Primrose oil is said to start contraction. Castor oil is yet another method which is said to be helpful in this regard. When castor oil is taken, it results in diarrhea and this in turn starts cramps.

The cramps in uterus induce labor. Raspberry tea leaves used by Native Americans are also said to be useful in this process. Similar effect could be had from drinking tea boiled with Cinnamon sticks. But ensure that you consult your doctor before taking any of these herbals.

3. Acupuncture: This is a traditional Chinese method time tested for over 2000 years. Thin acupuncture needles are inserted between thumb and forefinger and after some time, they are removed. Alternatively, rub these two areas which also help to induce labor.

4. Membrane stripping: This procedure should be done only by a qualified gynecologist. He/she will insert two fingers into the uterus and move them sideways. By this, the membrane is pulled away from the cervix wall and this induces labor.

5. Sex: By inserting penis, the thinning of uterus starts and this induces labor. Again a word of caution; consult the gynecologist. Nipple can be stimulated which causes production of oxytocin which helps to stimulate labor.