3 Ways To Increase Your Breast Size

Ways To Increase Your Breast Size

Ways To Increase Your Breast Size

Women with small breasts tend to lack confidence in their breast size. Society defines a beautiful, sexy woman as one who has round, full breasts.
Women are taught to believe that their bodies are not perfect unless the top half of their body is large and curvaceous.

In the past, the only solution that women knew about to increase their breast size was to take their chances with risky breast enhancement surgeries that could cause scarring or even worse, severe side effects. But there is a way to safely and naturally increase the size of a woman’s chest. Here are two techniques that can be followed to increase breast size.

1.  Increase The Amount Of Estrogen In Your Body: Women produce a hormone called estrogen. It is the hormone that makes a woman a woman. Women with greater levels of estrogen in their body tend to have more “womanly” figures and therefore, larger breasts while women with less estrogen have smaller breasts. Estrogen is responsible for forming a woman’s breasts. Estrogen is primarily released in mass while a young girl enters and goes through puberty. It is at this time that a young woman will notice changes in the size and shape of her breasts.

When a young girl exits the pubescent stage, the amount of estrogen produced decreases significantly. So whatever breast size she has at the end of puberty will be the breast size that will follow her through life. This can cause a problem for some young women because their breasts did not develop enough during puberty. Their small breast size can make them feel self-conscious.

If a woman has small breasts, she can help increase their size by taking in more estrogen since her body no longer produces enough. She can increase her estrogen levels to levels similar during her puberty stage by eating foods that are high in estrogen. Some of these foods include soy products, flax seeds and oranges.

Increase The Amount Of Estrogen In Your Body

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2.  Get Your Breasts In Shape: Another way to increase breast size is by performing exercises that will help lift and reshape the breasts giving them a perkier, fuller appearance. As women get older and their skin becomes less supple, their breasts begin to sag. This is because the pectoral muscles which are the muscles that hold up a woman’s breasts are not supportive enough. Exercises such as chest presses and pushups will strengthen the pectoral muscles which in turn will lift up the breasts and make them rounder and firmer.

Get Your Breasts In Shape

3.  Take Care Of Your Breasts: Women don’t treat their breasts kindly. They try to shove them into blouses and bras that are too constrictive. This causes the flow of blood to the tissues in the breasts to decrease, which will affect the shape of the breasts. By treating the breasts to a gentle massage each evening, a woman can help stimulate blood flow and give them back their shape.

Do Gentle Massage Every Evening


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