How To Hide A Bruise


Every once in awhile, you may get that occasional bruise that just sticks out like a sore thumb. It could be from exercise class or maybe you were wrestling around with the kids and they accidentally kicked you. It always seems to end up in a place that is most inconvenient. And it is always at the worst possible time.

Thankfully there is a fool proof makeup trick that will hide and make it magically go away. You will need pot concealer with a yellow base to start with. If you don’t have this is your makeup arsenal than now is the time to buy and always keep it handy. It is the thickest concealer that you can purchase.

You want to paint it on over the bruised area and totally covering the injured area. Blend it in to your skin with your fingertip and if necessary add another coat to cover it. Once you have it completely concealed, you then want to apply a translucent powder over your entire face to keep the concealer in place.

This safe little makeup magic trick will hide your secret all day long and no one will be the wiser. This can come in handy if you have a business lunch or meeting or even if you have a date. You can use a lighter concealer for other blemishes such as pimples.

These tools of the trade should always be kept on hand as you never know when you made need them. They work great when used properly to cover up those little mishaps and give you that perfect flawless look to your makeup.

There are many camouflage tricks that you can learn from the masters of makeup themselves. By doing some research online, you will be able to find many more ideas that can hide and cover up life’s little mishaps so that world is oblivious that they are even there.

So remember ladies, keep some concealer as your magic medicine and you can never go wrong. Only you will know what hides behind curtain number one.