How To Help Your Child With Reading Comprehension

help your child with reading comprehension

Reading without understanding can be quite fatal for the child’s educational development. If the child is only reading and does not understand it then he is not learning at all. Reading comprehension is an effective tool because the child is first encouraged to understand and then answer the text.

If children do not concentrate on reading in the earlier stages of life then in the higher classes they would surely face difficulty in understanding concepts in all the subjects. Therefore, it is very important for parents to not only inculcate good reading habits in their children but also to guide them to understand it completely. We shall discuss in detail that how a child can be helped to read and comprehend.

It is said that a good reader understands whatever he is reading. The question here is how to become a good reader. This practise has to start from the time when the child is in kindergarten. The child should always be encouraged to read with fluency. If a certain word or sentence is not clear to a child then he should not be allowed to read further. The doubts should be cleared first and then only the child should proceed further.

If the certain part of the text is difficult then the child should be told to read it few more times to understand it better. If the child still does not understand then he can be told to write it down. The lessons learned in the tender years of life stay with the child forever. Another major factor is to build a strong vocabulary. If the child has a strong hold on vocabulary then it helps the child in various ways.

Then the child would easily understand whatever he reads. The parents can help the children on enhancing their vocabulary. Whenever the child comes across a difficult word then the child can be told to write it down with its meaning, antonyms and synonyms. This way the child is not only learning that word but few new words along with it.

Again how well a child understands depends upon how much knowledge he has on that subject. Which means if you are well read and have knowledge of what you are reading then you will understand it better. It can be said that if you are an avid reader then understanding would be better. It is also important that the child is interested in what he is reading.

If the child is not interested or convinced with what he is reading then the chances are that he would not be able to understand it completely. The child should also have an aim in mind while reading a particular text. If the text does not have any connection or relation with the child’s knowledge then he would not understand it. There are several factors which should be told to the child to help him understand better. If the child understand various concepts associated with reading then reading would be interesting.

Shaini N