How To Help Your Child Improve Spellings

Improving Your Child's Spelling

In order to understand a language, the vocabulary must be strong and in order to have a good command over vocabulary the ability to spell a word correctly is needed. This means that in order to understand a language better we must encourage our children to master in spelling words correctly.

If a word is spelled incorrectly the whole meaning of it changes. In order to guide our children to learn any language better it is important that we help the child improve with the spellings. It is challenge on parents and teachers part to teach their children how to improve their spellings.

We as parents and teachers have a vital role to play whenever it comes to teaching something. The child should be encouraged to practise. A man can conquer anything with practise and the similar rule applies here. Which means when the child finds it difficult to retain some spellings in his memory then the child must be told to write it down couple of times.

It is said that whatever you pen down remains in your brain more than whatever you read. The more the child writes the chances of retaining those spellings are more. This is not a once in a while practise but a child should always be practising whatever he learns.

It is also important for the child to know the correct pronunciation of the word. If the child does not know how to pronounce a word correctly then how will he remember the spellings? Therefore, teachers and parents should help the child to know the correct pronunciation of the words.

The child can be told to read loudly in order to know where he is wrong with his pronunciation. The child can even be guided to take help form the dictionary to know the correct pronunciation. Dictionary is a dynamic tool and it is very helpful for children with not only pronunciation but also with the meanings.

The child should always be discouraged to cram up spellings. The spellings learned this way does not stay in child’s mind for a long time. The child should be told about the consequences of learning spellings like this. Which means spellings learned this way will soon be forgotten.

The child should also be encouraged to know the meaning of the word along with the spelling. This way the child can establish a relation between the meaning and the spellings.

There are some rules which a child should be told in order to spell correctly. The teacher or parents can also make some fun rules for the child to remember better. It is strange but true that the child would never forget these fun rules of learning a spelling.

We all know that in order to perform better academically a child should be good in spellings. We should never under estimate the importance laid on learning spellings. If the foundation of learning a language is not strong then how will a child learn correctly? Therefore, it is very important that we as parents and teachers help our children improve their spellings.

Shaini N