How to handle when your girl child gets her first PMS?


It is commonly seen in their early days that they become aggressive and remain isolated.
This is very crucial period when she enters her womanhood. Most of them feel embarrassed to disclose their problem and develop wrong attitude.

First and foremost, mother should have educated her ever since she reached 10-11 years so, that she will be prepared to handle it confidently.

During this period girls go through much harder life. Some of them can not just handle the situation. Hence, its mother’s role from which a child can draw maximum emotional as well as practical support. Mother is the right person to take care.
Symptom can be seen during onset of menstruation and if it gets worst then parents should consult a gynecologist. Its always healthy way to take doctor’s advice.

Mother’s role is very important in this early stage. Counseling is equally essential. Mother should tell them that this is nothing to be apprehensive about. Proper guidance is required otherwise children may face psychological problem.

They should be briefed how to take hygienic care during these days.
Tell them to take proper diet, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating food which will cause side effect.

Discuss with them about the period openly. Try to remove phobia from the mind that they are not different from the other children. This is life cycle; every girl goes through it till she attains menopause.

The number of days can vary from person to person. Some stay for 4-5 days and some even longer than that. Some get heavy flow. Who are suffering from heavy flow they should show to doctor.

Let them take bath as often as they can. This helps them to remain clean and will not catch any disease. Ask them to change cloths and wash them regularly. Help your child to over come from pms phobia.

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