How to Get the Hair Cut you Really Want


There is rarely a person that you will find that has not at least once in their lives gotten a bad haircut. Often, people have gotten a few haircuts that made them want to hide their head in shame when they went out in public. If you are one of these people or if you want to avoid this from happening, here are some tricks that can help you get the haircut you want next time you go to the salon.

First, if you have a good idea of what you want already, find a picture of it and bring it in with you. Bringing in a picture can help the stylist understand what you want exactly, without the hassle of trying to explain it. It is frustrating for both you and the stylist to try to figure out exactly what you want if you don’t have something to show her. It can also help eliminate any results that occur when you do not get the look that you were hoping for.

Another good idea is to be open to listening to the stylist if a particular haircut or style that you want will look good on you or not. It can be the cutest style in the world, but if you do not have the right kind of hair, or face shape, it might not look good on you. If you are open to listening to the stylist, you may be able to prevent yourself from getting a haircut that you do not like instead of getting one that is the most flattering for you.

Also, if you are hesitant about knowing how short you want your hair to be cut, or if you are scared about the layers that the stylist is trying to talk you into, be firm with her and have her go a little bit at a time and have her show you what she is doing and how much she is taking off so that you will not be disappointed or surprised when she is done.

Doing these few simple things can help ensure that you get the haircut you want and the haircut that looks the best on you. Remember, what may look trendy and cute in a magazine or in the stylist book, may not mean it will look cute on you. Stylists are trained professionals; work with them to get the look that will flatter you.